wieder ein mitternächtiger Tag
(2015-16) for solo flute.
Premiere: Alessandra Rombolá (flute), Solo flute recital, XIII Mostra de Arte Sonoro de Sueca, Sueca, Spain
Duration: 5 minutes.

(EN) wieder ein mitternächtiger Tag (2015) for flute solo, is inspired by Paul Celan's poem “Spät und Tief”. The work is conceived as a small drama for flute solo, in which the instrument slowly strives to articulate something, that is hard to express, ineffable. Each intervention of the flute begins as a violent outburst. More and more frustrated and in a clumsy way it struggles until it reaches an access of rage, in which oaths are uttered. What comes afterwards is almost silence, it is not the calm after the storm but a hopeless resignation of knowing to be misunderstood.